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Hector Vilches Photography
Photo credit: Pam Aungst

I discovered how much I enjoy photography later in life, and found the answer to a question I’ve carried for decades. I grew up surrounded by art, from my father and older siblings. Paintings, sculptures, etchings, and copper embossings are just some of the items in my home today, all made by immediate family. Yet I was drawn to technology, and have asked many times, why did the artistic gene skip me? Now I like to think, it didn’t.

Challenges motivate me, and I’ve found great challenge in wildlife, sports, commercial and product photography. Each is an opportunity to solve a unique set of problems to achieve the best possible outcome. I can help decorate your home or office, provide you with a distinctive set of notecards, capture an exciting moment in your child’s life, or provide high quality product/commercial photography for your website. Oh, and we can help you with that too… [impressm.com]

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